For black Trotskyism

The Charnel-House

James Robertson & Shirley Stoute
SWP-US Discussion Bulletin
(Vol. 24, № 30: July 3, 1963)

What follows is a classic but seldom read document from the history of American Trotskyism, covering a particularly tumultuous period of struggle against separatism within the party and institutionalized racism (like Jim Crow) in society at large. This was of course written at the height of the Civil Rights movement, as black nationalist groups like the Nation of Islam rose to challenge more mainstream integrationist currents such as Dr. King’s. As Trotskyists who still considered themselves part of the vanguard of the working class, the question was, as ever, one of leadership. Stoute and Robertson’s document also touches upon the relationship between theory and practice, as well as the crucial distinction of “class vs. class” rather than “oppressed vs. oppressor” as the center around which to orient a Marxist politics.

Moreover, the original nomenclature of…

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Selling objects with women bodies a new dimension in discrimination

Ritachemaly's Blog

Finally a grassroot campaign by 2 women activists was launched in Lebanon to object how women are objectified and sexualised in the ads!

the campaign will have many components, at first they will begin with a social media campaign aiming to raise awarness against those ads I always was furious against!

Using a catchy slogan in arabic campaigners of the Female Organisation  are asking marketeers to stop selling women with all their products.

Here is a link to the report Al Jadeed did about the campaign

and here is a snapshot of the campaign cover picture!

women rights lebanon rita chemaly

And here is their short video created for the campaign:

Again and again we should stop the stereotypes of being interiorised by societies, we should stop sexualising women bodies, We should Put and End to Discrimination!

So kuddos to Alia and Hayat,

Rita Chemaly

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