Sexist on the beach presents: Deep Sexist Shit

‘The picture promotes women’s submissiveness not just in sexual life but also is social life since the event is purely social and I don’t think any act of sexual behavior is accepted once you’re in there. The picture demeans all women and helps to promote the image of the sexual woman, who’s no more than a toy, for the man to grab how many he can and play with. It undermines the woman entity when Lebanese women are currently working very hard to fix their image as complete human beings, and are calling for their full rights. This is not the first time women’s bodies are objectified in order to promote a product or event. Event organizers are using this method in a rather constant way to gain men goers. Some events offer free entrance for women. Some wouldn’t let you in if you don’t bring a woman with you. Their “souk” is based on undermining women’s existence. They only see her as a dancing dollar bill no more.’

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Behold The Bunny.

Every Summer Behind The Green Door; a prominent group of events organizers in Beirut, organizes a set of parties under the name of Decks on The Beach. They claim to have “simple setting by the sea, open minded crowd and bouncy feel-good tunes”, they also claim to promote freedom, hedonism, sun, sweat and weird dance moves.”

This Friday 29 May, Decks will be organizing an event under the name of Deep Shit, presenting Jack from Friendly Fires and Ed from Foals.

So far so good. The event sounds fun and pretty much interesting if you’re into deep house music and a little bit of alcohol abuse. Until the event planners decide to promote their event with a 50’s/60’s image that is obviously violating women’s rights and image. 10647209_646131985503590_6621081569539194101_n

A semi naked white blond guy is grabbing two white girls by the waist. The two girls…

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