The enemies of the popular revolution: the dictatorial regime and the counter revolutionary reactionary force

Syria Freedom Forever - سوريا الحرية للأبد


Around two weeks ago, from the date of the famous Geneva Conference 2, which will give birth to a stillborn, a war was waged by Islamist groups and battalions of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) against the reactionary and fascist group of ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant, or Da3ech, according to its Arabic acronym). affiliated with Al-Qaida,

It is necessary to remind that the popular movement was not – especially since last year – subject only to the violence and the unprecedented brutality of the bourgeois dictatorial regime, but was also subjected to the double repression of armed Islamist groups, whose degree of extremism and violence against militants and activists of the popular movement, and also against the popular movement itself, vary from one group to another through the arrests of activists according to various reasons: social practices considered by these reactionary groups as contrary to the…

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