Homophobic Lebanon

Lebanon – Statement issued by Helem – http://www.helem.net/
(Google Translation)
Dekwaneh Municipality proceeded to the practice of repressive acts against some of the nightclub-goers “Ghost,” which is a friend of the gay nightclub frequented him members of society Almim (gay and lesbian people and bi and binaries tendencies and transgender persons and variables gender and / or sex). And this business has reached its peak when he was arrested a number of individuals on Sunday, April 21 between the second and the fourth in the morning. Among those arrested members of the Syrian community in addition to a Lebanese woman variable gender, was humiliated and undressing in the municipal headquarters. After the municipal police released a report claiming the practice of prostitution and abuse of detainees contraband around the club, the mayor issued a memorandum to the closure of “Ghost” on Tuesday, April 23. It should be noted that it has been without a legal notice.

These events come after months of repressive actions taken by the municipal police Dekwaneh Over four months the municipal police were targeting every Saturday customers who are in the vicinity of the nightclub, according to eyewitnesses, the customers are exposed to abuse and suspensions on the back of their appearance. It is then taken away in cars to fund municipal headquarters where exposed to الاعتداءت of physical and verbal. These practices conducted without warrants or interrogation approaches suitable for any of the alleged crimes. In addition, customers signed Syrians victim of these arrests, but because of the breach of the curfew law after seven o’clock in the evening and municipal imposed on the Syrian citizens. These arrests inhumane and unjust against which members of society Almim to beatings at the hands of police surveillance cameras recorded affiliated to the club.

I got a dream to this information through its contacts with the owner of the nightclub and some eye-witnesses to these arrests. Add, denounces a dream to use abusive expressions by the municipality of requests everyone and Blo_khas from the media authorities replaced the term “homosexuality” and / or “gay and lesbian persons and variables and gender variables when needed.

It is worth mentioning that the “Ghost” is a nightclub and is registered with the Ministry of Tourism and is subject to the laws and regulations and uses 15 Lebanese security man. This gay-friendly nightclub is located on the main road in a residential area.


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