A call from Deep Green Resistance – Lebanon and Radical Beirut team,

Our comrades and friends in Lebanon, 
On 15th May, the Lebanese government will be opening the way to sign the initial deals with multinational corporations to begin the oil exploration and extraction process off the Lebanese shores. 
The project is portrayed by those in power as being beneficial for the country and its people, but the fact is that it will be the worst disaster ever to happen to our land-base, the Mediterranean sea, and the Lebanese people. 
Oil extraction will only provide the rich and powerful with more financial and energetic means to destroy our environment and oppress the people; the rich will get richer, and the poor will become more impoverished while megalithic real estate projects devour what remains of the land. The experience of most oil extracting countries in this world proves this; it’s called the resources curse, and it needs to be stopped! 
We thereby announce our complete opposition to all oil exploration and extraction operations on Lebanese soil and sea, and we call for all environmental and social justice movements in the country to build an alliance to stop the oil industry before it begins. 
We cannot allow the oil fetish to ravage our sea and landbase for the sake of filling the pockets of those in power, the time to resist is NOW!

Help us to spread the word. 

Deep Green Resistant – Lebanon & Radical Beirut


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