To order the same happened with the reaction to the activist Alia Mahdi publish pictures naked on her blog, as with did not care one of the liberals and leftists that her boyfriend also publish pictures naked, volunteered many of them to teach Alia alone “priorities revolutionary” and tell her what right for her to do her body for whatnot entitled. Arrived about it a friend’s description of that image orphan forums immersed b “crime against the Egyptian revolution”, as if turning a culture of rape and violation of the female body to a culture prevalent in Egypt and the rest of the Arab world crime must tolerated pending achieve ideal society and the return of Karl Marx from behind the clouds .

In addition, the discourse of solidarity with women’s issues, to most men activists in the Arab world is still a male-based nomadic heroic non-protection of women from other men. This speech implicitly carries the idea of defending women do not in terms of the human right and courage, but from the premise that women vulnerable objects, and they are “our mothers and sisters and wives and daughters.”
There if the conscience of ownership in this type of defense for women: men defending women as if they were defending their property, not
because they believe in them.


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