A dismissed coherence

Written February 2011

i have met one girl in the Beirut suburbs, she said she is an artist and a film maker,
i was totally traumatized when Julia started developing and telling about a brother of her that hits and harass her on a regular basis as a criminal since a two years period.
Julia said : ‘he mostly do scaring sounds that makes me feel in an horror movie, he has knives and he tells me his intensive wishes to cut me into slices and how is this such an accomplishment for his self satisfactions..
he comes home once in a while and seek me ..
seeks violence in fact. he doesn’t read and books do not interest him as his better preferences are body building and knives !’
i was totally shocked when she continued :
‘in fact not only him do these acts of violence against me,
my family is a very rich one, i have a sister that works in a commercial production and she has not only millions but billions and ownership to various buildings in here which makes of her a capitalist abuser with no mercy .
i went to one anti violence organisation in here to tell them about my story,
my family hired various Asian maids and they do not hesitate to mistreat them and exploit them in all ways.
my struggle is ongoing and the promise of a legal support has no rush !
January 2011 was last time my brother left marks on my body and my mothers nails scratched deeply my skin .
i am an artist, a film maker and a poetess and i have as a 200 hundred books collection in my room that once they decided to destroy to transform it into a fashionable trendy space for their own visitors.
i had collected various for my readings and i study authors and philosophers as Michel Foucault , Gille Deleuze and others ,,
‘my brother hate books maybe he hates me for this reason’ she said .
an echo of this story left me with an unanswered questioning on the notion of violence , terror , and punishment.
today i see a new article saying that one coalition in Lebanon wants to arm maids with guns for a serlf defense procedure ,
and i stay stuck on these news not caring really concerning their credibility rather questioning what violence is and how to think alternatives in a turbulence of unheard voices and dismissed echoes in a non-ending struggles and sufferings thirsty for a basis of decency.



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