now there and here الآن هناك وهنا ici et là

How could i know if the meeting is going to the shutter space when the tiny voices raise from the mourning and the battle field .

Identifying the urge to the field of maintaining the line,the fluidity and ruins held in those rural corners of a matrix .

Rhythms fall apart fragments are produced and the sensitive field is decomposed , opposed to servitude of the knowledge , imagery is created and her rivals are the rivals of knowing ..

that alterity created by a field , an endless process of the finite ,

because the finite is in itself in a non ending virtue of image defined ,

and the socio-political of a front-era in a time-space ..

,كيف يمكن  المعرفة ما إذا كان الاجتماع هو الذهاب الى الفضاء
, تعالت الاصوات من الحداد وساحة المعركة والرغبة في الحفاظ على الخط
,سيولة وأنقاض تلك التي عقدت في زوايا ريفية في الرحم ,
,ايقاعات تنهار ويتم إنتاج…

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