The hollow and the realm

fragmenting spaces into micro-beings of noises structuring voids and ashes .

transgression maternity of a dismissed fever, the matter of fluidity minimized.

infra structures and rainbow are one transfigured in raw atoms.

the sound of a bird come over, a bird as an owl but the owl has no wings.

1000 of owls and there genesis were a hallow some, they were inscribed in a shallow  neighborhood in deep sleep i saw them.

reality is futile it is a dismissed trans action and the realm is an awe.

when grassroots swallow ashes of burdened bodies infiltration happens and plans of invasions of kinds .

fear has sifted to narrow thinking in order to dismiss unwanted realities.

amigo is a kind of burdened speeches , speeches ironing your bones .

never end up switching into the semantic of sounds.

holes in the blanket in fever of swallowed heroins and herbs that makes you lay down on a blue velvet atmosphere you see green soap balloons flying by, the air almost touching your skin.

the plastic bear in the white corner coffee shop is damned.

white noise extended to another and the balcony remains.


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