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the interrogations of shamshouma

It’s official, and it’s really happening: When the state’s ideological apparatus is being reduced to its basic form of surveillance like the army and the police ( a surveillance that is heavily reliant on a hyper-masculine peformativity of power) and when this apparatus is being slowly and painfully castrated by different Lebanese parties, militias, humanitarian organizations and foreign state policies (etc.) , it gazes through subjects’ assholes as a micropolitical way to re-establish masculine power for the state.

In case you have not heard, please refer to this article. In a nutshell, the Lebanese police has apparently been conducting a series of “homosexuality tests” on male subjects since 2006, when the man is suspected of “looking too soft”, or not masculine enough.

That the Lebanese state’s authority is threatened is not really a new and surprising fact. The complete and continuous emptying of ideological state apparatuses in Lebanon, from…

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