The law of a fury

( May 26, 2011)

A fish comes out .


it is the nation of the out comers .


a holocaust of injuries comes by to ensure endurance of the remaining wisdom,


the wisdom of the fake .


and the fake is a blank conspiracy forwarded to a mass of shoulders aiming to hold on compensating strategies .


the false remains .


because when we see we think we dont .


sounds are registered .


it is an invaded alterity .


the fluid is handled for micro seconds i wish it could more ,


remaining and persuing time and the movement of a surface .


we are aliens . aliens do not die .


aliens are seen from the back and the face remains an unknown player for the sake of the play .


i heard those sounds too , he taught me none .


i went throught his atoms i smelled each particle of the particle seeking light and the aroma,


there in that womb of things i was vibrating from the sound of an unheard shake .


i have a noname urgency .


the shutter has a speed .a micro speed .


i remain hidden in those dark greys.


 a swift to a butterfly .


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