Faculty of distorted lead


(June 15 , 2011)

a paradigm of unsettled fields is on a wire

he whispers his reliability and my shoulders were stroken and fielded questioning their escape in time being charged with the holocaust of the imagery .

and the ‘i’ is being held for the non being for the conspiracy of the shadow.

he has done love .

i handled various but what would i be in a mis translated cuts and the exile

i did transfers of distortions that were hidden burdened

the owl and the light fitting

i ve been dismissed in a sea

a sea of paradigms

he still can go reaching the sun

the sun is a seed

i have been never told to whisper

whispers are the whispers of the owls that cross the field and the noise

we have to run away the raw is misleaded

what a distortion can do then to feed his nails with dust being faked ,

impunity of a lust of a lust ,

i ve been shuttered to spreed the lame 


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